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Yosef Haim Goldshmidt


Yosef Chaim Goldshmidt is an photographer that

has been documenting the way of life on the vibrant streets of Jerusalem and the Holy Land for over two decades. Yosef Chaim also documents the Rabbi Nachman of Breslav grave site in Uman, Ukraine on New Year's Eve, when tens of thousands gather from all over the world. Two years ago, his pictures were presented in an exhibition in Jerusalem on Judaism. His photos allso published in the Jewish magazine "Family" in Israel and abroad.  

In recent years,Yosef Chaim has been living in Tiberias, where he documents the Sea of ​​Galilee and the surrounding area. The "Yedioth Ahronoth" newspaper published a front-page article about the connection between the two holy citys and the life in the seam between the worlds. From thousands of archived images he choose to desplay here the best and most suitable images.

This days

Yosef Haim deals with interior design when it suits the perfect image fo  every person with the character and place. His images adorn synagogues, private homes, shops and offices. He chooses to print the images in the highest quality and maintains perfect finishes.

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